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ChiRunning Certified Instructor


ChiWalking Certified Instructor



USA Trathlon Certified Race Director






Total ImmersionT is taught exclusively at Tri Tek. Learn to swim with skill and confidence in the pool and open water with a Total ImmersionT Teaching Professional. An effortless and fluid freestyle stroke can be achieved by everyone!

With swimming drills you will:

  • Learn balance skills

  • Refine breathing techniques

  • Improve efficiency

  • Develop speed



Develop economy of movement! We will teach you to relax your arms and legs by drawing energy and power from your core muscles. Athletes will be better suited to tackle the run by learning:

  • Bike handling positioning

  • Gearing and climbing

  • Pedal stroke drills

  • Bike maintenance



ChiRunning® is taught exclusively at Tri Tek. Through proper alignment and relaxation, an athlete will improve speed and distance with less effort. Combining modern physics, the ancient wisdom of T'ai Chi and the power of running, ChiRunning® makes running enjoyable.

With ChiRunning® you will:

  • Reduce pounding,pain and injury

  • Be empowered with a sense of strength and potential

  • Improve performance

  • Reduce race times










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